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Here at Parakeet toys we make high quality hand crafted wooden gyms and perches that your parakeet will love.




Our story


My parakeet career started when a budgie flew into my fathers shop. The colorful creature quickly nuzzled its head in its back and began sleeping. My dad pointed out that it was a budgie and he caught it while the bird was sleeping. We immediately did a temporairly adoption for the bird. We purchased a cage, food and toys for him. However the bird was overly stressed and did not survive the night. While we didnt know the name of the bird we looked in the paper to see if we could find the owner but we had no luck. While trying to nurse the bird back to health we became hooked. The next day we purchased another Budgie that looked just like the other one and named him Junior,besides my dad had a amazon bluefront named junior and he was a hoot. But the bird had an attitude and didnt like my mom, so it was my mom or the bird. Dad said it was a smart bird and should have listened to him. But I said if you listened to the bird you wouldnt have me. He then replied The bird was a genious. Just kidding, He loves me (I hope). We got to talking and he told me how he loved to make gyms and perches for his bird. So we started creating them and our junior loves them. We thought we could share our perches and gyms with the world so people and birds alike could have hours of enjoying birds playing around.

We can build:

  • Standard perches built to certain dimensions
  • Large and small Gyms containing fun things to play on and can have toys put on.
  • Small swings
  • other custom ideas you send to us


Want to talk about budgies? Want to share photos and videos? Want to have you questions ansewered and meet people like you? Go to !!!
Want to learn about your budgie? How it reacts what it eats and how to train it? Go to and learn about your feather friend!



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Parakeet Toys* 2871 Newcaslte * Green Bay,WI * US * 54313
Phone: 920-338-0160 (calling you will here a a Millwork name but just ask about parakeets)